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NOW: Joaquín Segura, Pyre

PAST: Johnny Blastoff: The Impossible Pose
John Gossage and Tisa Walden: How Things Look
Arjun Verma, Nikhil Pandya, Rhiannon Ledwell
Lamfanti Presents: Thank Heaven for Little Girls
Rafael Delacruz, Miyoko Ito, Lucas Samaras
Trisha Brown: Accumulation Documentation
Lutz Bacher
Brett Goodroad: The Sick Painter
Zarouhie Abdalian: Simple Machines
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Will Brown, Ether @ SFAI

Earache @ Fraenkel Gallery

Miyoko Ito, Heart of Hearts @ Artists Space


Where to Score (edited w Jason Fulford) @ J&L Books / KADIST

Miyoko Ito, MATRIX 267 @ BAM/PFA

If Not Apollo, the Breeze @ KADIST

So I traveled a great deal. I met George, Ebbe, Joy, Philip, Jack, Robert, Dora, Harold, Jerome, Ed, Mike, Tom, Bill, Harvey, Sheila, Irene, John, Michael, Mertis, Gai-fu, Jay, Jim, Anne, Kirby, Allen, Peter, Charles, Drummond, Cassandra, Pamela, Marilyn, Lewis, Ted, Clayton, Cid, Barbara, Ron, Richard, Tony, Paul, Anne, Russell, Larry, Link, Anthea, Martin, Jane, Don, Fatso, Clark, Anja, Les, Sue, and Brian (organized w Vincent Fecteau) @ Matthew Marks Gallery

Lutz Bacher @ KADIST

Lutz Bacher (organized with Robert Snowden) @ Yale Union

Let Us Celebrate While Youth Lingers and Ideas Flow @ The Renaissance Society

George Kuchar, Bocko @ Iceberg Projects

George and Mike Kuchar's Furry Family @ Gene Siskel Film Center


Night (1947–2015) @ The Glass House

Night Sounds @ The Glass House

Will Brown

Peter Saul @ di Rosa

Tauba Auerbach interview in debut issue of NYAQ

A picture is no substitute for anything.



Bob Miller @ SFPL

Prop Roots @ Norton Museum of Art

Endless Column

Glass, house

The Windows @ Exploratorium

Joanne (Ha)Rruff